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21 Day Vegan Fit Challenge Client..

I’d like to give a huge HOO-YAA to client Claudia Murrell! She took the 21 Day Vegan Fit Challenge and surpassed her expectations. This is not the end of her journey, it’s only the beginning of a restructured Vegan Lifestyle! 21DVFC_CMurrell




El Paso is dropping ‘Fattest City’ Title – CBS Channel 4

Learn how El Paso has been living healthier lifestyles on a report by Lashay Wesley – CBS Channel 4, El Paso, TX.

“People are starting to notice that you just feel so much better after you work out,” said Bernie Maese, a personal trainer with Hybrid Fitness.

Rick DeBello is a trainer at Kinetix Personal Training and said he has also seen an increase over the last two years.

“More people are starting to get more health-conscious and improving their diet as well,” DeBello said.

Click HERE for the full story.


Get Your Swim On!

Get your swim on!

It’s always time to swim! Sign up for the Kinetix Aquatix Sessions.

The training evolutions will consist of basic swimming, running and body weight exercises. If you’re planning on losing weight and improving your conditioning then this is the training meant for you!

Kinetix Aquatix Sessions are held year round at various local pools. Create a free Kinetix Account HERE to see all the swim times and locations.

 You MUST HAVE minimum swimming skills.
(Tread water for 30seconds. Utilize crawl, side or breast stroke)


Items to Bring:

– Swim goggles or mask
– Swim Fins (Optional)
– Swim cap (Recommended)
– Back Pack for runs (Optional)
– Sunscreen (Optional)
– Towel
– Pad Lock
– Running Shoes
– Running Attire
– 100% Motivation

Call 915.801.1841 for more info!

Essential Aminos + Carbs Speed up Protein Synthesis

What time is it? It’s Amino time!

Supplementing with a leucine-rich amino acids and carbohydrate combination can increase muscle protein synthesis by triggering important cell-signaling molecules.

Building on a previous study that showed taking an essential amino acid and carbohydrate combination during resistance exercise stimulated muscle protein synthesis, scientists from the University of Texas showed that taking this same solution following resistance exercise further increased muscle protein synthesis.

American Journal of Physiology – Endocrinology and Metabolism:  Vol. 294,