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Good morning all! I hope everyone is waking up to the start of an awesome weekend! What’s for lunch today?
There is a variety when it comes to eating out or having take out. What’s your favorite?



It’s alright to talk to others while you’re in the gym. In fact, you should socialize with as many people as possible (when the time is right of course). But holding 15 minute-long conversations with fellow gym members is a bad idea. So if you really want to be friends with someone, talk to them about hanging out together outside of the gym; don’t make the gym your hangout spot.

Gym Etiquette - Minimal Socializing





Myth: Starving Yourself Helps Burn Body Fat

Fact: It’s true that when you don’t eat enough calories, your body will break down stored fat to use as energy. However, when you go off your diet and start to eat normally again, you’ll gain all that weight back.

This happens because depriving yourself of necessary daily calories puts you in physical “starvation mode.” Your body will think that there isn’t enough food available and that you’re starving. When you go off your diet, your body will store even more fat in reserve against future lean periods. You’ll also be more likely to overeat during this period.

To lose weight safely, lose a little at a time; two or three pounds a week is ideal. Don’t deprive yourself of food, and eat at least 1,300 calories per day.

Calculate your body fat.  See where you stand.

[calc id=1528]


InBody 520

Accurate full body analysis now available.

Ever wondered what your body was really made of? Get a full body analysis with the InBody 520. The InBody 520 is a health management tool that performs precise body composition, segmental lean analysis and body fat analysis in less than a minute. Using 3 frequencies and 5 body segments, the InBody520 uses 15 BIA impedance measurements to provide essential data for monitoring your  health.


Today I will try a new protein that’s  popular in the Vegan community. I asked a few great knowledgeable Vegans in a Facebook group: Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness about their opinions. It seems the taste & it’s difficulty mixing  are the main concerns but it’s properties will help with energizing me and that I  should reap the benefits regardless.

Those of you who know me personally should consider joining the group. It’s amazing the amount of information you will gather in this awesome community and what you can learn about improving your health and lifestyle.


I sincerely thank everyone for their opinions.


Raw Meal


Calculate your BMI

Do you feel you’re overweight or underweight?  Calculate you Body Mass Index and see where you stand.


Sweaty *****

Many gyms have their own set of policies some of which are not posted on a wall for you to see. Take wiping your dripping sea of salt off machines. Wipe it! Enough said.

Carry on.

#2 in Nation…

With the experiences and knowledge of nutrition I have gained over the years I feel a strong sense of seriously helping my community. El Paso demographics & geographical location has proven that most of our diet has included high amounts of meats, chicken and processed foods due to traditional style cooking. How many Mexican  ….   Read More.

Quick Tip:

Limit Certain Fats.

  • Limit your intake of saturated fats and cholesterol by choosing lean meats and low fat or nonfat dairy foods.
  • Keep trans fats intake as low as possible by reading labels and limiting your intake of fried fast foods and commercially prepared baked goods.

No I don’t miss meat…

Vegan brunch. No I don’t miss meat, chicken, fish or dairy. Never looking back. It’s the best health decision I’ve ever met in my life. It’s not a diet. It’s a lifestyle.