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Archives for : January2015

Be a Team Player.

Kinetix is still hiring certified Personal Trainers in El Paso, and surrounding areas. We do the research, we do the marketing. We book, follow up with clients and schedule potential clients according to YOUR schedule. You do the training. You reap the rewards.

Kinetix only requires a mere 15% from all pricing, packages and promotions. As a Kinetix Trainer you’ll receive contact leads, Fitness Assessment, Email and Meal Plan Templates, two trainer shirts, business cards and more.

Everything is prepared with you in mind. Be a team player. Earn your cash and grow with a reliable training team.


Gym Owners.

Are you a Gym owner or know of a gym owner located in the El Paso and surrounding area location?

Kinetix Personal Training can bring traffic your way. Kinetix Personal Training offers affordable and reliable training services in various gyms located in the El Paso, TX. area  If you’re a gym owner and would like to partner with us drop us a line at 915.731.4563. Kinetix always meets rental agreements of local gym owners.

– Ricardo C. DeBello.



New Team Kinetix Member

We’d like to present our newest Kinetix Personal Trainer. Meet Julius A. Vasquez. Julius has 2+ years personal training experience and is certified via IFTA. He has the patience, dedication and knowledge of a true training warrior.

Call us to set up your free fitness assessment. 2015 is YOUR year. 915-731-4563.


Will You Quit This New Year 2015?

Another year has passed us by. Although many of us have new plans for 2015 such as losing weight, staying fit and getting stronger this can definitely be a task at hand and is always easier said than done!

As an impatient society of instant gratification we must understand that proper planning and accountability will always impact our results in reaching our own personal health and fitness goal(s). The old cliche of “proper diet and exercise” still remains and will always remain just as the law of gravity and science of anatomy always will. 80% nutrition and 20% exercise is key. This of course does not necessarily mean that sticking to salads, yogurt and egg whites is all you’ll ever need and will be limited to.  Not all diets, training regimens and exercises will work for everybody so it’s crucial you learn how to eat, when to eat and what to eat as well as train. You must learn how to “read” your own body.

While decreasing motivation through out a new year can be a factor improper eating and exercise habits will play a huge roll in whether you will attain success or not. We here at Kinetix will guide you, motivate you and manage your progress as well as share our knowledge and expertise 24/7.  Although there are never any quick fixes to losing weight, gaining muscle or just plain living healthier Kinetix Personal Training will certainly keep you focused and will guide you in the right direction every step of the way.

Give us a call. Make your first step your last step in the wrong direction. 915.731.4563