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  • Are you ready for a health change?

  • Are you ready to transform your body to a higher level of health?

  • Are you ready for a challenge?


If you answered YES to any of the above then your ready for the

21 day Vegan Challenge!

Why a Vegan challenge you ask? The answer is simple. Eliminating meat, poultry, fish and dairy from your diet your eliminating unnecessary toxins, hormones and extra calories from your body  results in a leaner, healthier and more trimmed waistline but more importantly better HEALTH!


This 21 Day challenge was designed to keep you full and help crave hunger. The meal plans contained in this challenge do not just consist of fruits and veggies but in fact contain easy recipes with substance, flavor and variety!

You’ll also have FREE ACCESS to our Kinetix Online Training App through the duration of the challenge. You will be sent and invite to sign up after check out!

You will be redirected to the BUY NOW Link after your registration!




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