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4 Reasons You Have No Energy

Kinetix Supplements – El Paso, TX.

Need energy? We all know that “sluggish” feeling at times especially during that mid-afternoon drag. Other than having a current health condition or not getting enough quality sleep these four reasons may be the culprit.

Here are a few Energy draining maybes!

  1. You may be eating too much sugar.
    Sugar is digested quickly by the body, leading to a dip in blood sugar levels that leaves you feeling fatigued. Be sure to replace refined carbs with whole grain varieties for a lasting energy boost.
  2. Skipping breakfast.
    Unless you’re undergoing a fasted cardio training session what you have or don’t have in that system may be failing you. Skipping breakfast can definitely contribute to low energy in the morning. This may be leaving you famished by lunchtime and more likely to make unhealthy choices that will cause that mid-afternoon dip in blood sugar.
  3. You aren’t exercising enough.
    It may seem counter-intuitive that exerting energy will actually increase it, but adding a workout to your daily routine will give you a short-term energy boost. Plus, regular exercise improves sleep quality, which will ultimately leave you feeling more well rested.
  4.  You’re dehydrated.
    We all know the importance of drinking enough water – and even mild dehydration can have adverse effects on your energy level, mood, and concentration. Aim for at least one glass of water per hour while sitting at your desk, and be sure to fill your bottle up even more if you’re doing strenuous activity or are outdoors in high temperatures.

So what’s the remedy? We have just thing. X-8 Energy by Kinetix Supplements. X-8 Energy provides a Vitamin B Complex to aid in converting your food into fuel, allowing you to stay energized throughout the day. L-Taurine, Acai and Maca Root Herb Powder are just a few other key ingredients included to keep you energized with no crash! Only 22.95.

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