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Have questions? Take a look at the FAQ Section.
If you would like more information to questions not listed in the FAQ please call or text 915.801.1841


How much do you charge?
Kinetix charges by monthly subscriptions that allow you to train up to six times a week.

How do I book my sessions?
Log on to Click on MY ACCOUNT and either Log In or create a username and password to enter and book your training sessions. See the video HOW TO BOOK SESSIONS on our Video Link.

Do you do personal training?
Yes. We only focus on one on one training. You may see a total number of four clients per session including yourself. No more than four people are allowed per hour. We do not do class or group fitness or instruction unless they are timed runs.

Do you create meal plans?
Yes. We create personal meal plans based on your information taken from your initial body analysis composition, fitness assessment and nutrition consultation. Meal plans are created in professional nutrition software.

Where are you located?
1700 E. Cliff Dr. El Paso TX 79902-5108

Do you train at homes or other gyms?
Yes we train at private residences for a different rate depending on the location and the equipment you have access to. We do not train at any other facility other than Spectrum Fitness.

How long have you been personal training?
I began training while still in active duty US Navy 1999. The company itself opened December 2013.

What if I have an injury?
Depending on the severity of the injury(s) your training program can be modified to work around the injury(s). For more severe injury a medical release form from your doctor is required.

Do you do Aquatics training?
Yes. Aquatics is my strong hold as I did compete various US Navy courses and instructions. We hold aquatics training once a week on Saturday mornings. Times vary due to public pool hours.

How do you know what type of training is best for me?
Before any training is done, we have you fill out an online questionnaire form followed by a scheduling of a fitness assessment and body composition and analysis. We then consult you on a tailored training program suited best for you.

Is there an age limit for potential clients?
Minimum age requirement is 12 years of age provided a parent or guardian is present. Maximum age limited is limited to what the client can achieve physically with no injuries or impairments.

What if I get deployed?
Before getting deployed we would need a copy of your orders to verify proof. Accounts are then closed three days before day of deployment.

What if I have an emergency and need to leave the city?
Depending on the time away we can pause your account or cancel subscription. It is a case by case situation.

Do you accept Insurance?
No. We do not accept any insurance for personal training or nutrition services. Gym memberships do accept insurance. Please call the gym itself at 915.500.6100 to see if your insurance is accepted.

Is Spectrum Fitness the same company as Kinetix Personal Training?
No. Spectrum Fitness and Kinetix Personal Training are two separate entities each with it’s own billing system and business information. Kinetix Personal Training is a Contractor who by choice trains clients inside Spectrum Fitness.

If you would like more information to questions not listed in the FAQ please call or text 915.801.1841.

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