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Hello Team!

The Team calendar now has YOGA sessions available!

Yoga will begin this Saturday, Feb16, 2019 at 0730HRS to 0815HRS and will be held every other Saturday at the same times. Log in and book in advance as there are only 12 seats available due to limited space. There is *NO CHARGE to you solely an added component towards your training subscription.*

Yoga like your training programs helps increase aerobic exercise, improves balance, flexibility, strength, pain levels among seniors, menopausal symptoms and even increases daily energy levels. I encourage you to take the next step in improving your health.

Here are additional benefits Yoga can provide:

·  Increase muscle strength and tone.
·  Improve respiration, energy and vitality.
·  Maintain a balanced metabolism.
·  Weight reduction.
·  Cardio and circulatory health.
·  Improve athletic performance.
·  Protection from injury

Yoga will be provided by Robin Crociata. She has more than 20 years experience in both Yoga and Reiki. She runs and operates Aloha Yoga and Wellness. She can be reached at 915.433.4957 for more information.

So bring your Yoga mat and meet us then!


*Active clients only.

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