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Senior Citizen’s Personal Training.

Many elderly persons can be frail and have reserved energy levels, but the majority will respond well to moderate sessions of endurance, strength and weight training.

Numerous studies have shown that strength training for seniors and other exercises for seniors done regularly not only builds up bone and muscle mass but counteracts the weakness and frailty that usually comes with aging. Just take it from these two Team Kinetix teammates! 65+ and over training for almost a year.

#TeamKinetix #personal training doesn’t just train seasoned athletes, competitors or sport specific clients but also train the baby boomers and older generation. Through use of functional strength training, flexibility, endurance training and proper nutrition consultations any age can be lived in a healthy and fit lifestyle. Take it from these two #TeamKinetix clients over the age of 65 who have been training with us for more than a year.

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