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Good morning all! I hope everyone is waking up to the start of an awesome weekend! What’s for lunch today?
There is a variety when it comes to eating out or having take out. What’s your favorite?


#2 in Nation…

With the experiences and knowledge of nutrition I have gained over the years I feel a strong sense of seriously helping my community. El Paso demographics & geographical location has proven that most of our diet has included high amounts of meats, chicken and processed foods due to traditional style cooking. How many Mexican¬† ….¬†¬† Read More.

Quick Tip:

Limit Certain Fats.

  • Limit your intake of saturated fats and cholesterol by choosing lean meats and low fat or nonfat dairy foods.
  • Keep trans fats intake as low as possible by reading labels and limiting your intake of fried fast foods and commercially prepared baked goods.